Why Do Young Husbands Cheat On Their New Brides?

cheating husbandCouples spend years planning their dream marriage and life and in a matter of months find a way to throw it all away. Why is it so easy for some men to decide that sleeping with another woman is worth giving up their family? Why do husbands cheat on their young beautiful brides?

It boggles my mind at times what risk some men will take for the thrill of sleeping with other women. Why in the world do they get married, buy a home and have kids only to cheat and destroy the lives of the very individuals they claim to love. There is no simple answer or easy solution to cheating men.

Perhaps one day their will be a strapped on belt that husbands have to wear that can only be opened at home by their spouse. Of course there would be a side hole and tube used for bathroom breaks. I know this sounds extreme but with so many men cheating and breaking up families, how else can wives keep their mindless husbands from sleeping with other women.

I know a 27 year old man who just had a baby with his wife in the spring. It’s was his second child with his first one being about 3 years old. He is now moved into an apartment and headed for divorce, due to infidelity. So he has chosen part time parenting and increased financial burdens for the sake of having the freedom to sleep with whoever he wants to.

There are so many more stories similar to this one. I know a manager in a logistics company who had two little precious children (a boy and a girl). Also, cheated and ended up divorced and splitting time with his wife parenting the kids. He then decided to get one of his workers pregnant and has since married her and now is the proud father of 2 boys and one girl.

So it’s clear that some husbands have a problem keeping their commitment to love and cherish their wives. I believe that the husbands never really loved or cherished their wives and this is why cheating occurs so early in the marriage.

In my humble opinion, it is impossible to love, cherish and honor your wife and family and also sleep with other women.

Why Do Young Husbands Cheat On Their New Brides?

cheating husbands

Result Of Cheating

The answer is because they never really loved them in the first place. I know I have insulted some cheating husbands but let’s be real. A husband who cheats on his new or recently married bride must have married for the wrong reason, such as;

  • Felt pressured into getting married
  • Wanted the physical rewards of being married but not the other aspects of being married
  • Never believed that being faithful was part of the deal

It’s very clear to me that a husband who claims to love his wife and children and cheats on them is either a liar or is in denial. You cannot love your wife and cheat on her. At the very least you love yourself more than you love your wife.

If you are experiencing difficult times in your marriage due to infidelity, please be patient and persistent in trying to save your marriage. Infidelity ruins too many marriages and you don’t have to be one of the broken marriages and families.

If you need help dealing with infidelity, please see here, Dealing With Infidelity

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