Dealing With Wife Having An Emotional Affair

Is it driving you crazy that your wife is having an emotional affair? Well, it’s difficult to maintain a normal relationship when you doubt if your wife is being faithful. Your thoughts become more and more consumed with wondering who it is and how far has she gone.

If you suspect that your wife is having an emotional affair I would encourage you to find out for sure but at the same time work on getting emotionally reconnected with your wife. The one thing you don’t want to do is spend all of your time and energy trying to prove that your wife is having an affair while not addressing the root cause of the infidelity.

It’s painful to think about your wife having an affair even it’s emotional and not physical. In fact, it is difficult to not believe that it’s only emotional unless it’s just begun. You also know in your heart that if you don’t stop it soon the emotional affair your wife is having can turn into much more.

There are some signs you can look for to help you determine if your wife is having an emotional affair.

1. Is she spending a lot more time on the phone or chatting on the computer with folks in forums or chat rooms.

2. Have you noticed that her phone seems to get a lot more text messages than she used to get?

3. Has your wife become short with you not willing to share any feelings or emotions when not to long ago she was just the opposite?

4. If you question you wife about who she is talking to or chatting with does she seem a little more defensive?

5. Does she have a male friend who she talks to or hangs out with and claims that they are just friends who have similar interest and enjoy talking about the same stuff?

The following two signs might be the most important to look for if your wife is having an emotional affair.

• She has big mood swings and seems to be very upbeat and joyful when she is on the phone or computer but almost depressed once that activity ends and she shuts down.

• It’s difficult for her to spend any intimate time with you.

If your wife is having an emotional affair I think you need to start taking steps to get her recommitted to you and your marriage. The person she has found an emotional connection with probably has given her some things she has been longing for but unable to find in your marriage.

It’s not to say that you aren’t a great husband or doing your very best. It could be that what you are doing just isn’t what she needs at this time in her life.

The things you need to start doing are focusing on your relationship and make it a priority to understand her needs. If you want to end the emotional affair your wife is having you need to begin meeting her needs. Once your wife sees that you are ready, willing and able to keep her love tank full, she should begin to draw closer to you and away from her other connection.

Don’t panic when dealing your wife if she is having an emotional affair. Realize that this could be the start of your renewed and restored marriage. Marriage can be difficult at times but it should be blissful most of the time. The one way to make sure your wife is not drawn into an emotional or physical affair is keeping your marriage strong.

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