Why Some Marriages Fall Apart Quickly

Ever wonder why some marriages fall apart? Marriages just like people can be fickle at times. Changes occur over a period of time but can also happen quickly. Circumstances change people and people change marriages. There are many things that couples deal with which have the ability to change the dynamics of their relationship. In some instances the change is positive but in many situations the change has a negative affect on the marriage.

There are a few issues in life that can quickly break-up a marriage. One of the obvious issues that come to mind is infidelity. You don’t have to be a genius to understand why such a betrayal of trust can result in a failed marriage. You also will find that physical and mental abuse has the ability to ruin a marriage. Unfortunately for some abusive situations the mistreatment goes on far too long.

It’s easy to look at the big marital issues and make an assumption about what happened. Then there are those marriage break-ups where you scratch you head and wonder why? You are left wondering what happened when you would never have guessed that certain couples’ marriage would end.

For the most part marriages don’t fall apart overnight. There is a reason why some marriages fall apart quickly. There are years of becoming disengaged and falling apart. You will find over the years common interest seem to diminish. It could be that the kids are all grown up or perhaps aging parents no longer around. Maybe an employment situation has changed and now that there is more time to examine your marriage, you realize that you are not longer happy.

Why Some Marriages Fall Apart – Signs Of A Troubled Marriage

• Little or no intimacy
• Poor or failure to communicate
• Bickering over unimportant matters
• Avoidance of being alone
• Disconnected
• Spending more time on social media than with each other
• Sharing feelings, thoughts and dreams with someone other than your spouse
• Living life as if you were single
• Putting the interest of others ahead of your spouse

Marriage problems are normal. Marriage problems left unattended will grow into serious marriage obstacles. Marriage obstacles become harder to overcome as time goes by. In fact, at some point couples lose interest in trying to fix their marriage problems and that’s when the end is near. Unfortunately there is often times pain that is endured before the marriage is over. In some cases there is infidelity or verbal abuse involved.

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