Why Men Cheat

why men cheatAs sad and shameful as it is, why men cheat has been a question with no simple answer, since the beginning of time. You would think by now there would be a guidebook on how to prevent spouses from having an affair. Men cheat and it’s forgiven by society. When women cheat they are judged way more severe than men.

A range of reasons exist for infidelity to occur. Looking at some of the key circumstances surrounding the breaking of trust, men seeking outside relationships may not know the extent to why they do what they do. This does not excuse the behavior when a partner cheats. Bear in mind while looking at this topic, cheating carries many nuances defined by the structure of each relationship. The key centers around the hiding of the activities leading to a breaking of trust with a partner.

Why Men Cheat

Outside Factors

Events or stressors pressing into the man’s life might trigger a desire for outside companionship. When stated, these reasons carry the falsest notes. They often have deeper reasons underneath them. Men using them as excuses often possess far too little insight to be able to present the true reasons they cheated.

Work and Life Stress: When life becomes overwhelming, some men find the concept of investing in the one stable relationship alien. They turn to something new requiring less investment. Stress will likely destroy the new relationships as the man has not found healthy ways to cope with stress.

Boredom: By using boredom as an excuse for infidelity, the man indicates his lack of depth. A person willing to destroy as stable place because they want a taste of something interesting means they were likely not worth having a long term relationship with to begin with.

Confusion About Relationships

Men who cheat adopt an unrealistic and twisted view of what relationships and their roles within them mean. Everyone likes to believe their partner understands the way to move forward. Unfortunately, things can short circuit the relational development of someone. One of the biggest impediments leading to a misguided view of relationships and their ups and downs comes from the model a partner possesses. A man growing up in a house where either infidelity ran rampant or quiet desperation fueled by silence gave them the idea of acceptable behaviors leading them to cheating. Keep in mind, the person’s actions are their own regardless of the things they learned.

Why Men Cheat

Escape and Excitement

Some men seek something they are not finding in the environment of their current relationship. These things point to an overall immaturity. Let’s look at what and how they demonstrate a lack of growth.

Excitement: The idea of the new can be alluring. Starting something can carry promise of things being different or allow exploration in avenues feeling choked by the current relationship. After several years and broken relationship, a wise person will see the roller coaster of infidelity takes a toll on everyone, including the man who cheats.

Escape: A person incapable of being emotionally honest may use an affair as a path of release from the relationship. What would cause someone to hurt another when a difficult and honest conversation would suffice? An immature person will seek freedom by the easiest path, including having their partner break up with them.

Infidelity, much like fidelity, is a choice. There are millions of excuses in several facets including biological, psychological and relational. When evaluating these reasons, they all fall back on one thing. The one who cheated made a choice to do it. Finding a way out of the aftermath can be difficult. It is important to realize a hard truth often bears out. Life is better when couples are open, honest and trusting.

I don’t know what challenges you are facing in your relationship. I do know that if it’s infidelity it’s one of the most difficult thing, besides losing a loved one, you will face in life. There is hope though. If you want guidance on dealing with why men cheat, see here; Dealing With Infidelity

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