What Wives Should Request From Their Husbands

It’s no secret that men and women are built differently, physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank God for the physically different characteristic. But the mental and emotional traits can result in differences that if not resolved can lead to many frustrating days and nights.

Many marriages suffer because wives and husbands skirt around the issues and because of lack of clarity and communication, fail to say what they need.

Have you ever been hesitant to tell your husband what you want him to do out of fear of creating tension or conflict? Well, if you hurting and frustrated then it’s actually hurting your marriage instead of helping it. Also, your husband is probably confused and frustrated as well.

You see, the problem with either saying one thing and meaning something else is that on the surface you might be saying stuff that you don’t mean. For example, if you were to tell your husband that it’s ok for him to play golf on Sunday or join a men’s baseball league but yet you yearn to spend more time with him, how will he know unless you tell him?

I’ve put together a short list of some things wives should consider asking their husbands for. It’s simple but if they will help reduce your frustrations why not ask? You never know, he might just be able to give you some of what you want.

Things To Ask Hubby For

  1. Tell you when he doesn’t understand what you are asking him to do?
  2. Initiate some quality private time with you at least once per week. Don’t wait for you to drag him away from things he is doing? This is not bedroom time, but perhaps, cuddle on the couch and talk time.
  3. Do his fair share around the house. Maybe cook a meal, put the kids to bed, or whatever you need to get some quality alone time for yourself.
  4. Show you by his actions and not just words that he loves you. Make you feel like his princess again and not his roommate or co-worker.

I could continue the list for many things that wives need but fail to ask for their husbands for. If I haven’t touched on any of your needs above I know you know what they are.

I encourage you to take a few minutes and come up with a few important things you need for your husband to do.

Once you have the list, and don’t have more than 3 items, come up with some examples for him to better understand what you mean. It’s much easier when husbands can see by example, what you are asking of them. It reinforces the reasoning behind the requests.

For example, if you can explain why you need him to spend more time with you it will help drive home the point. If you feel lonely and depressed every time he hangs out with his buddies because he never wants to hang out with you anymore he will get a better appreciation of your state of mind and feelings.

Please remember, sometimes we have not because we ask not. Ask your husband to give you some specific things and you might be surprised at what you get.

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