Valentines Day Tips When Your Marriage Is In Trouble

Valentines Day is a tough day to get through when you are depressed and frustrated with your marriage or relationship. For many individuals it just places their marriage problems under a microscope and makes it a painful experience. The following tips for making Valentines Days a little less stressful were written just for you.

Valentines Day Tips

  1. Vow not to be envious or jealous of other couples Valentines Day celebrations. It’s very easy to see what others have and desire the same. It can easily appear to you that everyone else is happy and experiencing a wonderful relationship on Valentines Day and this will make you more resentful.
  2. Don’t let the pressure get to you when it comes to finding that perfect gift. With all of the advertising that takes place weeks in advance, you can easily fall into the mindset of “I have to get him or her an expensive gift to show my love”. What I would suggest you do is take the opportunity to do something this year that will help your marriage get better. Use your heart and creativity to make the day special and memorable.
  3. Ask your spouse for a gift of peace if you have really been fighting a lot. Sometimes it’s necessary to ask your spouse for a gift that you want and can really use. If your marriage has been under serious stress, why not agree before hand that on Valentines Day, your goal or commitment is to make sure that you respect and treat each other kindly on this special day.
  4. Write a love letter to your spouse. I believe that a letter written from the heart has a way of touching the soul and bringing back to life a dead marriage. It doesn’t matter if you are a poor writer or a great one. I think that you should hand write the letter and leave it for your spouse to find on Valentines Day.
  5. Set the right atmosphere before Valentines Day. It is pretty much impossible to enjoy Valentines Day if you are at each others throat leading up to the day. You can’t turn your emotions on and off like a faucet. If you want a better Valentines Day then make sure you spend a little effort being kind and considerate before February 14th.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait for Valentines Day to restore your marriage and bring back the peace, trust and romance you so desire. All you need to get your marriage back on track is a willing spirit and some practical changes in your relationship. I hope these tips helped you and I encourage you to look through some of the other articles posted on the site. Marriages are restored every single day. Why should your marriage be next?

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