Relationship Issues That Can Destroy Your Marriage

Are you surprised at how many relationship issues have surfaced in your marriage? I think you are not alone. Sometimes spouses wonder if they married the right person. In many marriages couples reach the conclusion that their relationship problems are too difficult to solve and unfortunately give up on their marriage. I’m glad you still have hope.

There are some relationship problems that seem insignificant but if left unattended can become a thorn in your marriage. It’s not always the big marriage problems that trip people up. Therefore, it’s important to treat all problems seriously, regardless if they are perceived or real issues.

Relationship Issues To Be Very Careful Of

Neglecting Your Spouse

Your main purpose of getting married was to share your life with the person you fell in love with. If that’s not what is happening something needs to change. If the two of you are not tending to each others needs, then slowly but surely, the relationship will start to crumble.

The problem for many couples is that one of the spouses doesn’t think they are neglecting their spouse or their marriage. There are many instances when one person feels as though they are totally in-touch with their spouses’ needs. The problem is they are not and because of a breakdown in communication, the issue doesn’t get resolved.

What tends to happen is that neglect leads to resentment and loneliness. Both of these are recipes for relationship issues that can spiral into other problems, i.e., infidelity.

Discouraging Your Spouse

One of the things that tend to happen when you have marital problems is that you begin to tear down your spouse instead of building him or her up. They say that misery loves company and if you are miserable you might be doing things to make your spouse miserable as well.

The problem is that as the relationship worsens you find yourself becoming less supportive of your spouse and vice versa. It becomes like a runaway car going down the hill. You either stop the car, jump out or just let it crash.

If you aren’t encouraging each other it leaves a void that can easily lead to frustration, and depression. What many folks tell me is that after feeling unsupported and under attack for a while, they become defensive and overly sensitive. This results in responding negatively and making the relationship issues bigger than they really are.

The two relationship problems noted above if left unchecked can and most likely will lead to the downfall of your marriage. Please recognize that it doesn’t take a big issue to sink your relationship. If you have enough small ones or if the wrong ones, are present, you need to resolve them now.

All marriages require time and effort and knowledge. I know you will put in the time and effort. If you need some additional guidance in dealing with your relationship issues, please take advantage of all of the articles and resources available on this site.

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