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If life were simple and perfect your relationship with your lover would be just as you intended, passionate, fun and exciting from sunrise to sunset. However, because we are all imperfect and at times difficult to live with, to put it mildly, a relationship guide often becomes a great tool to have.

What Is a Relationship Guide?

A relationship guide to me is kind of like a rudder on a boat. It steers the vessel through the waters. A relationship guide can also be likened to a compass as it can tell you where you are heading. Most relationships need some sort of guidance to overcome some of the obstacles encountered during the relationship.

The question I would like you to think about is, “can your relationship survive without some sort of guidance or intervention?”

What A Relationship Guide Is Not

One of the difficulties in being in a struggling relationship is that you might get desperate and take some steps that actually make your relationship worse. What a relationship guide should not be doing is steering you in the wrong direction.

It’s important that you understand that a good relationship guide will not make promises that cannot be delivered. If you see words like, “fix your relationship in 7 days” or “make your lover fall back in love with you in 3 days”, run away from it. One thing a good Relationship Advisor will not do is guarantee you that your relationship will be restored. There is no marriage or relationship that sinks into trouble overnight. As such, it generally takes more than a couple of days to repair your relationship.

Relationship Advice To Consider

If you want your relationship to be blissful, I would suggest you focus on a few issues which commonly break apart couples.

Respect – One of the areas where couples quickly build up tension in their relationship is in the area of respect. Unfortunately, when couples have been together for a while, respect for their lover seems to evaporate. Things are said that would never have been said in the past. Feelings are easily ignored or trampled on. It becomes very easy to take your partner for granted and this can be perceived as disrespectful.

Commitment – If you or your lover has lost your zeal and passion in your relationship it might result in less commitment being displayed. Without being committed you can easily give less than 100% toward building a solid relationship. You leave yourself open to growing further apart as well as perhaps losing interest in being intimate soul-mates. Once the commitment is missing you run the risk of creating a lonely relationship environment.

I understand that oftentimes marriage or relationships can be confusing, disheartening and unsatisfying. The good news is your relationship doesn’t have to stay this way.

If you are feeling frustrated or depressed about your relationship, please don’t lose hope. You can get help in marriage to get past your problems. You can turn things around with the right relationship guide.

I encourage you to take a look at the program mentioned below, called Save Your Marriage Today. If you aren’t married, please don’t dismiss this as something only for married couples. It’s all geared toward fixing relationship problems, i.e., a relationship guide.

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