Problems With Husband – Tips For Resolving Husband Problems

Have your problems with your husband got you feeling frustrated and defeated? I know how hard life can be when you struggle in your relationship with the one you love the most. If the husband doesn’t acknowledge that there are problems in the marriage or refuses to deal with them then it makes it more depressing.

The good news is that there is still hope to resolve the problems with your husband. It could be that you guys don’t spend any time together, fight about any and everything, rarely spend intimate time together or never share a smile or laugh. You might not be able to transform your relationship with your husband over night but tackling your problems can and should happen, with the right steps taken.

Now, although your husband might not be meeting all of your expectations, I would like to tell you something that you already know. You can’t make your husband change. It could be little problems or serious problems with your husband that need resolving but you will not change him. You can inspire him or motivate him or lead and let him follow, but you can’t change him. So below is where I would suggest you start resolving problems with your husband.

Tip #1 For Resolving Problems With Husband

I hope you agree that you can’t change your husband to solve your marriage problems. So, who can you change if not the love of your life? I think you know it’s you. The first step in changing your marriage is seeing what changes you can make to make your relationship with your husband better.

Do you have a tendency to display any of these qualities?

  1. Sarcastic
  2. Argumentative
  3. Irritable
  4. Mean
  5. Spiteful
  6. Revengeful
  7. Disrespectful
  8. Impatient
  9. Uncaring
  10. Dishonest

Ok, if you are having problems with your husband you might be guilty of displaying some of these characteristics. Please keep in mind that just because you might be showing some of these traits it doesn’t make you a mean or unworthy spouse. It just means that you are normal because we humans have a tendency to resort to whatever it takes to protect us emotionally. You also are likely reacting this way because you so much want to love and be loved by your husband.

However, one way to start resolving problems with your husband is to make some conscious changes in your behaviors.  Please take a look at the list above or come up with your own list of things that you do or don’t do to contribute to a healthy and happy marriage.

Next, spend a little time thinking about when you acted this way or perhaps treated your husband wrong because he wasn’t treating you like you wanted to be treated. I would then suggest that you replay the situations and think about how you could have reacted or responded differently. If you had, would that particular interaction been different? Would a fight have been avoided or perhaps a particular problem with your husband would have been avoided or resolved? What you want to do is prepare yourself to create a positive outcome the next time around.

So to summarize what I’m suggesting above for solving problems with your husband, is that you take a little time to change some things about yourself for the greater good of your marriage. The more of the negative traits you can discontinue the easier path you will have for fixing your marriage problems.

Tip #2 For Resolving Problems With Husband

I would like to encourage you to learn how to better communicate as a couple. Very often, this starts with having an honest and heart to heart conversation with your husband. The goal would be to get your husband to understand that you are concerned about the future of your relationship and that at this time you are frustrated and lonely. Your husband needs to understand that you are not complaining but asking for his love and support.

Communication is the key to moving your marriage forward and beyond the problems with your husband.

There are many things that you can’t change in your marriage and one of them is your husband. However, you can change you, the environment in your home and how you communicate and interact with your husband. If you learn how to communicate effectively and manage the changeable stuff, your husband problems will become less and less.

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