Overcoming Infidelity in 2018

overcoming infidelityFirst off, I’m so sorry that you are heading into a New Year carrying with you the ugly challenge of overcoming infidelity. No words can comfort you or reduce your pain, but I hope over the next few days, weeks and months you begin to see that life does go on. In the midst of your struggles, you will find strength and courage to overcome infidelity.

One of the keys to dealing with infidelity is being honest with yourself and your partner. The problem is that once you discover that you have been cheated on, life becomes a big blur. It’s like you begin living in a fog. You lose track of days and what’s important. Living with such stress is no doubt difficult but not impossible.

My suggestion is that you take baby steps on your road to recovery and try not to expect too much in the beginning. Lower your expectations and let the healing happen in its due time.

I have no doubt that you can overcome infidelity if you and your partner both want to. The key is that you both have to want to repair your relationship. If only one person wants to reconcile the relationship, it won’t work. Also, for a successful recovery, it’s critical that both individuals are committed to doing whatever it takes, to heal the brokenness.

It’s a proven fact that infidelity doesn’t have to end a relationship. It doesn’t matter how many other people you know or have read about where their relationship ended because of cheating. The only relationship that matters is yours.

Do you want to overcome infidelity? Does your partner want to overcome infidelity? If the answer is yes and yes, then you are already on the right path to defeating infidelity.

Since we have crossed over into a New Year, you should think of this month as a new beginning. Look forward and not to the past. Give your heart and mind time to heal and then start taking steps to forgive your cheating partner and rebuild your relationship.

First, reconnect emotionally and then physically. Become friends again before you become lovers again. Overcoming infidelity is possible and will happen to you, if you and your partner are ready, willing and able.

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