Not Happy In Marriage – Tips For A Happy Marriage

Not happy in marriage and need some tips for a happy marriage? Are you feeling neglected, unworthy and not happy in marriage anymore? What is the point of being married and miserable? You shouldn’t be and you don’t have to be. Let’s take a moment and explore why you are not happy in marriage anymore and review some steps for a better marriage.

When you are in a frustrating and disappointing marriage situation you are often times stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand you want to have a happy marriage but you don’t see your spouse ever changing so you stop trying and become resentful and bitter. On the other hand you don’t want to divorce because you still have hope that things will turn around and your unhappy marriage will become blissful.

Simple Tips For A Happy Marriage

Stop dreaming and live in the moment

It’s very easy to become depressed and unsatisfied with your marriage and spouse because your marriage isn’t shaping up the way you envisioned or dreamed about.  You can easily get into a rut, dig in your heels and sit on the sidelines waiting for your spouse to come around and be the prince or princess you thought you were marrying. Your spouse wasn’t perfect when you were dating and will never be flawless. Look for the good in your mate and enjoy what you have and perhaps with a little love, nurturing and maturity your differences will get smaller and your relationship stronger over time.

Be a rock your spouse can depend on

Your spouse needs you to be a loving and supportive partner who can be counted on when times are difficult. Make sure your spouse knows that you have their back as long as he or she is honest, respectful and acting in the best interest of your marriage and family. That being said, you also need to come to an understanding that you also need support as relationships are built on meeting the needs of others. If all you do is give and never receive you will be tired, burned out and resentful.

Be available

Make sure that you and your spouse make time for each other each day. Don’t let your quality time alone be reading in the same room or surfing the internet without saying anything of substance to each other. Being available means putting aside your fancy gadgets, toys, Facebook and twitter for a few minutes and giving your spouse your undivided attention. Attend important doctor appointments, business or leisure functions that are important to you spouse. Let them see that you care about things that they care about.

Be a better communicator

One of the keys to changing from not happy in marriage to being happy is learning how to listen without being defensive and practicing speaking without offending each other. Communication is vital to happiness in my opinion. Without it your marriage will sputter and stall and run out of gas quickly. Make sure that you think before you speak and think longer before you respond, especially if you are agitated. Words spoken can really never be taken back.

Finally, I hope these tips for a happy marriage will help you go from not happy in marriage to being in a loving, happy and healthy marriage. There are some other steps you can take in restoring relationships or saving your marriage. I’d like to recommend as a next step looking at a resource called Save My Marriage Today. Thousands of couples have found this resource to be a marriage game changer and you might as well. You can take a look for yourself here, Save My Marriage Today.

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