Marriage Tips When You Feel Disconnected

If you were to be honest would you say that your relationship with your spouse has become distant and cold? Are you at the point in life and your marriage when you tolerate each other but feel disconnected? Well, it’s hard to imagine your marriage lasting if you continue to grow apart or just tolerate each other. Below you will find a few marriage tips.

There are many problems with being disconnected. For one, it’s lonely at times when your spouse is not interested in you and vice versus. One of the main reasons for getting married was so that you would have a friend and soul-mate for life. If you wanted to be lonely you could have stayed single.

Another problem with being disconnected is that you no doubt are opening the door for an affair to be started. For some folks, being disconnected is an indication of unhappiness or being dissatisfied. When folks are unhappy or unfulfilled often times they look to others to fill the void in the marriage. Frustration and loneliness is a recipe for infidelity.

So why have you and your spouse become disconnected? Was it a result of working too much or perhaps one person changing and developing different interest? Maybe raising the kids or caring for a needy relative put some distance between you?

Marriage Tips When You Feel Disconnected

The simple solution to fixing the disconnected dilemma is to quit doing the stuff that is pushing you apart. I know you are thinking “I know that, tell me something I don’t know”.

Well, unfortunately we very often know what we need to do but choose not to do it. For example, we know at times working excessively is bad for our relationship. For many of us, we look at working long hours, as being committed to our family. The problem arises when our family sees it as being selfish and uncaring.

I would suggest that you take some time to examine yourself and see what action you are taking that’s adding to the distancing between the two of you.

Once you figure out the root cause of the distancing you can simply start immediately making some changes in your relationship with your spouse and watch things start to turn around.

For example, if you are constantly attacking your spouse with negative comments or showing an uncaring attitude then stop doing this and do the opposite. Instead of being critical or judgmental, why not go out of your way to be kind and encouraging? You will catch your spouse by surprise and he or she will quickly see that you are trying to make things better. Positivity and kindness can be contagious.

You can simply change how you interact with you spouse and watch slowing but surely a re-connection occur.

The one thing you can’t afford to do is nothing. Start making changes to improve your marriage today and your disconnected relationship will be reconnected.

I hope these marriage tips helped. I’m rooting for you!

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