Marriage Problems – Why You Need To Nip Them In The Bud Now

Can we talk candidly about marriage problems and why it’s so important to deal with the problems in your marriage now? Well, if you are still reading this I guess it’s ok to continue and my hope is that this article provides you with some helpful insight to help you overcome your marriage issues.

I know I don’t need to tell you this but I’ll say it anyway, “life sucks when you are struggling with marriage problems”. There is no easier way to say it. When you are constantly battling with your spouse your days seem longer and little problems outside of your marriage seem bigger than they are.

Part of the reason for this is that marriage problems are something many couples heard about or perhaps witnessed when they were growing up but never imagined that it would happen to them.

The strange thing about couples going through marriage issues is that generally neither spouse wants to be butting heads and not getting along. Life is tough enough dealing with work and kids and family. The last thing that couples need is to be in a stressful marriage where the only peaceful or joyful days are holidays and birthdays.

Now I will admit that sometimes one spouse might be creating marriage problems as a distraction, i.e., covering up for another relationship, or perhaps trying to speed up the ending of the marriage. It’s tough staying in a marriage with lots of problems where there is little hope of things turning around. However, please don’t stop trying because with a little help in marriage your marriage problems can be overcome.

I can tell you that in all my years of dealing with married couples, I have found that the ones who more easily get divorced are the ones who do nothing about their marriage problems. They never seek ways to resolve their marriage differences. They don’t seek counseling, they don’t talk with more knowledgeable couples and they don’t obtain any resources that can help manage marriage problems. In other words, they simply let the marriage run its course until it runs out of gas.

That’s why it’s important to take the time now to figure out the problems in your marriage and nip them in the bud. There is no time better than the present to start fixing your marriage.

Have you ever asked yourself why you haven’t dealt with your marriage problems?

  • Are you afraid of trying to fix your marriage but failing?
  • Perhaps you are embarrassed or ashamed to look for help to fix your marriage problems.
  • Could you be subconsciously ready for a new start and hoping to see your marriage end?

So, how hard have you been trying when it comes to fixing your marriage problems? Have you been talking more than doing? Its one thing to acknowledge that you have some marriage issues to deal with but another thing to try and do something about it.

There are many spouses who decide to wait until their spouse is ready to work on a problem. That’s the wrong plan of action in my humble opinion. If your marriage is sinking and you can potentially rescue it why would you let it drown?  You shouldn’t and I’m sure that you won’t.

I hope that you and your spouse are tired enough of your marriage problems to do something about it. You have a number of places where you can immediately begin to turn your marriage around. Here are a few suggestions;

  • Remove negative people and negative situations from your marriage for the time being. If you spend a lot of time with folks who are divorcing or give you advice periodically about splitting up, keep your distance. You need encouragement and not discouragement.
  • Make some new vows to each other regarding treating each other with respect and kindness. Keep it simple and private. At the very minimum vow to not yell at each other or embarrass each other in public. If you start being kind to each other you will be surprised how much easier your marriage problems will be to overcome.

If you have a local church that you are familiar with perhaps some discussions with a Pastor or Priest would be helpful. If that won’t work in your situation, I understand. You might also consider spending some time talking as a couple with a few other couples whom have overcome the same marriage problems you are facing. Not all advice will be for you but it just might help.

I hope you are able to work through your marriage problems. It saddens me when couples decide to give up on their marriage. As I mentioned, there are some really great resources available to help you overcome your marriage problems.

One of them is called, Save My Marriage today. It’s a program that you can order online and have pretty much instant access to a wealth of tips and guidance on overcoming marriage problems and saving your marriage. It cost less than a night out at a restaurant and might be just what you need to fix your marriage. You can read more about it here; Save My Marriage Today

I also have found the marriage restoration resources created by Dr. Frank Gunzburg pretty effective in helping couples get over their marriage problems. Dr. Gunzburg’s resources cost a little more but again, it’s well worth it if your marriage gets restored. I’m certain that you won’t regret spending a couple of bucks once your marriage problems are over. For more information about Dr. Gunzburg’s resource for overcoming marriage problems, see here;  Saving Your Marriage.

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