Marriage In Trouble – Beware Of These Signs

Have your marriage problems turned into marriage trouble that has you now questioning how much longer you can stay married?  There are a few signs that lead you to wonder “is it worth trying any longer?”

How long have you been suffering and how much longer can you deal with your painful relationship issues? You know what you want but you can’t seem to turn around your marriage. Unfortunately you are not alone. So many couples are struggling to keep their marriage together. Marriage problems are common but they don’t have to result in your marriage ending in divorce or you being miserable forever.

Signs Of Trouble In Your Marriage

No Longer Have Common Interest

Remember the good old days when all you needed to be happy was to be in each others presence? It didn’t matter if you were watching a boring movie or just hanging out with family or friends. You found a way to be content because you were doing it together. When your marriage trouble begins to grow, you will notice that you just don’t want to do anything together. If you feel more peace and joy doing things without your spouse around, it’s a bad sign of marriage trouble.

Nitpicking Is The Order Of The Day

Once upon a time I’m sure that you and your spouse were able to overlook mistakes and imperfections. For most individuals who are pursuing the love of their life, sarcasm and complaining and nitpicking are non-existent. Have you or your spouse become some resentful and defensive that everything done or said is criticized? If all you guys do is point out each others flaws, it’s a good sign that your marriage is in trouble.

You Or Your Spouse Is Changing

There are two types of changes you need to be aware of that can signal marriage trouble. One is a change in appearance by which you or your spouse shows that you no longer care. Sometimes, not always, when a spouse lets their appearance go, it’s a sign that they no longer feel the need to impress their spouse. The opposite is also true. In this instance, if one is changing his or her appearance, and it’s not to impress their spouse, it’s a sign of marriage trouble lurking around the corner.

Intimacy Is A Thing Of The Past

Do you miss snuggling and hugging and giving and getting those passionate kisses? If you are longing for an intimate relationship with your spouse, then obviously intimacy is a problem. It’s normal to be less intimate than you were when you were first married. However, without a continuous physical and emotional connection, your marriage will struggle and other marital issues will develop.

If you sense that your marriage is in trouble, you probably are reading the signs correctly. The good news is that you can always do something about your marriage problems. You don’t have to continue to live with a stressful and unhappy marriage. You and your spouse deserve so much more. Don’t lose hope because you can overcome your marriage trouble.

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