Marriage Help For Women

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus I guess marriage help for women needs to be somewhat different than the advice offered to men. I have found that women are more apt to implement advice to help their marriage improve. I hope this advice is useful for women trying to make a difference in their relationship.

One of the more difficult aspects of marriage is trying to figure out your spouse. Just when you think you have a pretty good feel for what makes your husband tick, you realize that you are still missing something. Many women begin to work diligently to try and figure out why he does what he does or in many cases doesn’t do what you expect or desire for him to do. The logical step for women is to seek marriage help to better understand the man from mars. The following advice should help.

Marriage Advice for Women #1

Don’t push his buttons. If you have been together long enough you know what things you say or do get under your husband’s skin. Very often it becomes second nature to push those buttons when your husband screws up or doesn’t follow through on a promise. If you want to help your husband be a better mate, why not back off at times and find a better way to motivate him. The only thing that pushing his hot buttons will do is give him a reason to resent you.

Marriage Advice for Women #2

Let him be him. I know at times it’s hard to believe some of the choices your husband makes. Sometimes it’s hard to resist telling him how to dress, groom, eat, sleep, drive, talk and raise the kids. Although you might know better, it will help your marriage if you let him make some decisions. He might not look as attractive as you would like in the shirt that’s a little to small but if it’s his favorite shirt, why not let him wear it? It’s ok at times to make a suggestion but don’t belittle him or make him feel like a child.

Marriage Advice for Women #3

Encourage and don’t discourage him. There are very few people who can build up the confidence of your husband like you can. Make sure that you are giving him the support that he needs to be a successful husband and father, if you have kids. Constructive criticism is helpful but must also be balanced with encouragement. If the only comments and support your husband receives from you is a brow beating, he will put up a wall between you that is difficult to break through.

Marriage Advice for Women #4

Don’t play mind games with your husband. Marriage can become a game if you aren’t careful and many couples struggle staying out of the game arena. For example, saying that you are ok with a particular decision or matter when you know that it is ripping you up inside. Then making your husband suffer for a matter you agreed to. Another game that couples play is the silent game. You know, when you don’t say a word to your spouse for a couple of days, unless it’s extremely necessary. Playing games is harmful and dangerous and of no value to help your marriage. My advice is to get beyond the game playing for the sake of improving your marriage.

Marriage Advice for Women #5

Finally, don’t waste your time trying to change your husband. You might not be happy about the way things are going in your relationship and you can do something about it. What you shouldn’t waste time doing is trying to get your husband to change. I know you are wondering, “How do I change my marriage if I can’t change my husband”?

If you want to help your marriage ladies, I recommend that you change yourself, how you interact and relate to your husband and inspire him to want to join you in having a better marriage.

Marriage help for women doesn’t have to be overly complicated. There are many changes you can make to get peace, romance, and love back into your marriage.

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