Marriage Help After An Affair

I’m very sorry that your marriage has been severely damaged as a result of an affair. Despite how you feel at this moment, you can recover and be healed from this terrible mistake. I hope that you are open to some pretty simple yet effective marriage help after an affair.

The first suggestion I hope you consider has nothing to do with the affair. It does have to do with your well being.

Suggestion # 1 – Take a break from dealing with the infidelity. If you are not careful, you might burn yourself out just worrying about the affair and letting the resentment and anger consume you. I understand the desire you might have to deal with the affair but please be careful. Stress can negatively affect you physically and mentally. There is a time and a place for everything. Take some time during the day and do some things that bring joy to your heart to balance out the madness and sadness.  It will make healing your marriage after an affair easier.

Suggestion # 2 – I would suggest that you take control of the recovery process. Don’t wait for the situation to work itself out. The person who cheated is probably afraid and doesn’t have a clue how to repair the relationship. I understand that you probably don’t have any experience dealing with an affair either. However, you know what you need to move forward and if you don’t know, now is the time to figure it out.

Suggestion # 3 – Make some important decisions early in the recovery process. Please take a little time and think about what the acceptable and not acceptable things are as you move forward. For example;

  • It’s not acceptable for your spouse to contact the other person.
  • It’s not acceptable for the other person to be around you or your family.
  • It might not be okay for your cheating spouse to hang out with his or her friends without you being present.
  • On the other hand, it might be okay for your unfaithful spouse to confide with a close friend or family member about the affair to get a different perspective.

Can Marriage Help After An Affair Save Your Marriage?

Well, I think finding the right steps to take for your particular infidelity situation can make all the difference in the world whether your marriage is healed or not.

Healing to me does not necessarily mean that your marriage will stay together. Healing to me means that you and your spouse have come to the point where forgiveness has occurred and you are prepared to move forward, either still married or as a new single.

Now, I also know that it is possible to make a full recovery and restore the love, trust and respect in your broken marriage.

The question is, are you prepared to overcome this terrible and complicated marital obstacle. If you are not, please take a moment and read more here about the help after an affair that can save your marriage. See here; Help After an Affair

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    This is certainly an outstanding write-up. Thanks a lot for spending some time to summarize all this out for folks. It truly is a great guide!

    • admin says:

      We are delighted that you find the articles posted on the Help In Marriage site helpful. Marriage is truly a wonderful institution and any help that we can provide is a blessing to us. If you are struggling in resolving problems in your marriage, the key is being patient and realizing that you don’t have to fix all of your problems at once. We will be praying for you.

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