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I hope you are holding up while dealing with the problems in your marriage. Unfortunately, more and more couples today struggle at some point in their marriage and at some point during their journey have a marriage breakdown or marriage crisis. No marriage is perfect and every marriage has issues from time to time.

The good news is that although you might be having a marriage breakdown now it is very much possible for you to have a marriage breakthrough. You might feel like your marriage is headed for divorce court but that’s the negative thinking you need to get rid of.  Just because you experience marriage breakdowns doesn’t mean that you are no longer right for each other.

Why so many marriage breakdowns? Well, for one I think we have become a stressed out society and we often times place our desires ahead of our spouse and family at times, thus resulting in marriage breakdowns. Based on my research, it all comes down to giving and forgiveness. You can be certain that to resolve marriage problems and breakdowns, couples need to practice giving of themselves and forgiving when offended or disrespected.

There are many areas for a potential marriage breakdown to occur. One of the easiest breakdowns can happen with communication. By our very nature we can either choose to improve our marriage and resolve our problems by communicating effectively or making problems much bigger then they need to be by merely poorly communicating. Communication is not just our spoken words but also our unspoken words.

Another unfortunate contributor to marriage breakdown is infidelity. If you suspect or are actually dealing with an unfaithful situation, you no doubt are at a serious crossroad in your marriage.  Your marriage breakdown must be dealt with in such a way that your marriage recovery is complete. You can get your marriage breakthrough but it’s just a few more obstacles you will need to overcome. If infidelity is the reason for your marriage issues, please see if this information can help you, Dealing With Infidelity.

There are some helpful steps you should consider to help you get past your marriage breakdown. For one, I would suggest that you make sure you are both on the same page with regard to your marriage problems. By this I mean do you and your spouse both understand the severity of your marriage problems? It’s very hard to start rebuilding your marriage when you have vastly differing opinions about your relationship.

Next, it will help your marriage tremendously if you can reduce the tension in your marriage and home. When you are in a marriage crisis or breakdown, it’s very easy to be frustrated and resentful. This can lead to you saying or doing hurtful things as a way of dealing with your emotions or pain. It’s important that you or your spouse not let your breakdown in your marriage drive a permanent wedge between you.

There is one thing that you must not do when dealing with a marriage breakdown and that is give up! Whatever you do don’t let your marriage problems cause you to quit and throw in the towel. Trust me, although you might think that’s the best way out it’s probably because it seems like the quickest way to end the pain and frustration, but it’s not. Divorce is painful and depending on your particular situation could haunt you for the rest of your life.

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