Marriage Advice Books – Love Them Or Leave Them?

How many marriage advice books have you read or browsed through and still find yourself struggling to fix your marriage? For some reason many couples read the advice in a marriage book but there just isn’t an “Aha” moment. Is the marriage guidance bad or is the denial of the truth or refusal to change the issue?

I must admit that many of the books you see in the bookstore or on-line are tempting and hard to pass up. One thing that I know for sure is that if you are dealing with marriage problems you want relief and fast. Life is depressing and difficult when the person you fell in love with no longer seems like a match for you. However, bad marital advice can have disastrous results so be discerning when taking advice.

One of the problems with marriage advice books is that often times only one person is really reading and grasping the concepts of the marital advice. The second problem is that many books on marriage are either outdated or too complicated to put into practice.

The best marriage books are the ones that help you get better at marriage and teach you ways to create an atmosphere that encourages change. Very rarely does a marriage start out bad so somewhere along the way couples lose focus and the relationship becomes strained and difficult for both individuals. The right marriage book will get you back into focus and on the path to restoration.

A good book on marriage problems should help you understand the things that you can change as well as the things that you should not waste as much time and energy trying to change.

Unfortunately too many individuals expend a lot of time and energy trying to fix a marriage problem that can’t be resolved. You will know when you are following good marriage advice because you will start to see positive results in your life. Notice that I didn’t say marriage.

You see, if you are following good marriage advice, you should feel better about yourself and the possibility of improving your marriage. Once you know that you are focusing on the right things and taking the right approach to make changes in your marriage, you will have renewed hope. With hope your marriage has a good chance of improving.

What I have found helpful for both spouses is practical marriage advice, supported by stories and pictures. Sometimes the information is better understood when presented in an illustrative manner. For a lot of couples it helps to be able to say, “We or I can relate to that” or “This could have been written about us”.

However, for marriage advice to truly be accepted, it must be balanced. If one of the spouses feels as though the finger is only pointing in one direction, the marriage guidance will be rejected.

So are marriage advice books good or bad for your marriage? I hate to say it but it depends on which ones you read. The key is making sure that the advice is up-to-date, objective and practical for both you and your spouse to understand. There are some very helpful marriage resources available to help you improve or save your marriage. The worst thing that you could do is let your marriage continue to deteriorate and do nothing about it.

Please read through some of the other marriage advice articles posted on the site and use some of the practical tips offered to help you improve your marriage. We wish you nothing but the best and a loving, trusting and blissful relationship.

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