Making Marriage Work

If you have been thinking about making marriage work awhile now, you probably are frustrated, tired and running out of patience. I know you have discovered that having a good marriage takes work. However, it shouldn’t be the most difficult challenge in your life.

Have you narrowed down what’s keeping you from having a blissful marriage? Please don’t do what many spouses do and that is blame your spouse. Although your spouse no doubt has flaws, he or she most likely isn’t the sole cause of your marriage struggles. Making marriage work takes both spouses working together and tackling issues that if left unchecked can ruin a marriage.

Here are a few suggestions to help you with making marriage work.

Discuss problems at the right time – Very often couples pick the wrong times to try to work through a tough problem. Sometimes it’s better to wait before trying to resolve an issue. If you are angry, tired or very frustrated it might be best to let a little time pass before you work things out. If you are already agitated or not feeling your best then your attempt to fix a problem could be thwarted and you might end up making your marriage work much harder.

Don’t fight over material stuff – Before you got married your spouse to be was more valuable than silver or gold to you. Somehow over the years the value has depreciated and now your stuff might be more important than your marriage. Making your marriage work is less challenging when you place your spouse above all of the stuff. If you are not mindful, money can become a barrier in your marriage. The way to make sure you are not caught up in money fights is come to some understanding of what you want to spend you discretionary funds on and discuss things when spending is necessary outside of those parameters.

Laugh and cry together – Life is about making memories and so is your marriage. It’s important to making marriage work that you share intimate moments and fun moments together. Make sure you celebrate the fun stuff together and don’t be afraid to open up and share the not so pleasant stuff together. Your spouse should be the first person you turn to when you are hurting mentally or emotionally.

Try not to control your spouse – Although we often think we know what’s best for our spouse, marriage and home it’s sometimes easy to go overboard. You might not even realize that you are suffocating your spouse with your sarcasm, criticism and constant need to be right. It’s helpful in keeping your marriage and making it one that works, if you don’t sweat the small stuff. No need to always offer advice and your opinion to your spouse. Let your spouse do his or her job and make a few mistakes.

Be spontaneous – Making marriage work is about living in the moment sometimes and not letting the pressures and stress of life keep you and your loving spouse from love. Take opportunities to show your love and appreciation toward your spouse.

I know that marriage isn’t always easy or fun. The way you succeed at making marriage work is by making your spouse and your marriage a priority. If you can just focus continuously on your marriage you will have a better marriage before you know it

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