Issues In Marriage

I know it might be hard to accept the fact that all couples have issues in marriage that need to be resolved from time to time. There is no perfect person and thus there is no perfect marriage. So if you are struggling with problems in your marriage don’t be discouraged. The good news is that your marriage is actually normal and there are steps you can take to manage the issues so that they don’t get out of hand.

There are many couples who have some problems in their marriage that are so overwhelming that it is hard to imagine any outcome other than divorce. I hope that your marriage has not reached this critical point yet but even if it has, it is not too late to turn things around.

So how do you fix the issues in your marriage when you and your spouse seem to be on different pages? The answer is that you must each move a little closer to each other by making some adjustments in your relationship.

Listed below are some of the common issues, couples face in their marriage. Perhaps you can relate to one or all of these.

Trust Issues In Marriage

Believe it or not trust in most relationships is something that starts out strong but then erodes over time. For what ever reason as time goes by we seem to do things that cause trust to become an issue in our relationships.

One of the issues that begin to impact trust in the marriage is a breakdown in communication. What tends to happen as time goes by is that couples begin to share less about what is going on in their lives. You can say that it has to do with letting the hectic life schedule get in the way or just simply couples getting to familiar with each other.

The problem arises when one or both individuals start to wonder why. Why is my spouse no longer communicating with me? Is it because he or she is no longer interested in our relationship? Maybe he or she is seeing someone else? What is my spouse hiding by not communicating with me? These are all questions that can enter into one’s mind thus trust begins to be an issue in the marriage.

One of the ways you rebuild trust in your marriage is by understanding why it is broken in the first place. Of course there are the obvious trust issues related to infidelity or lying but in many cases broken trust is something that has happened over a period of time.

One you get a real sense of what caused the broken trust you have a great chance of overcoming the issue in your marriage.

Financial Issues In Marriage

Money issues have a way of ruining a marriage, usually when there isn’t enough to go around. However, having an excessive amount of money can equally negatively impact your marriage. It’s not how little or how much money you have. It really is about how you view spending the money. If you or your spouse have a “me first” mindset then it can be detrimental to your marriage.

If you are struggling with financial issues in your marriage it will be best if you can find a way to talk openly and honestly with your spouse about it. It doesn’t matter if it is you or your spouse who brings home the most bacon. What is important is that you both are committed to each other and learn to be considerate of each other’s feelings.

Financial issues in a marriage generally aren’t black or white issues. What makes sense to one spouse might be non-sense to the other. Please consider this when dealing with financial issues in your marriage. You were both raised differently and came into the marriage with different ideas about marriage and finances. It takes time to learn how to be considerate and committed as one.

Intimacy Issues In Marriage

Intimacy has a lot to do with trust and in some cases can be impacted by financial issues. Sometimes lack of trust, whether warranted or not can put a wall up between couples. Once trust or financial stress enters the picture, intimacy becomes more difficult to achieve. Instead of growing closer and more intimate, couples have a tendency to become cold and distant.

One of the keys to overcoming lack of intimacy in your marriage is to not let other people or issues become a barrier to intimacy. One thing that I have learned is that intimacy is a decision and not a feeling. Don’t let how you feel determine your intimacy. Do the things that you know you are supposed to do as a loving and caring spouse. The other key is to make sure you don’t give according to what your spouse gives. Take the lead and keep intimacy alive and well in your marriage. The other issues will be more easily overcome if you are intimate with your spouse.

I hope that the issues you are facing in your marriage are not causing you to contemplate divorcing. Please remember that no person or marriage is perfect. As long as you are married you will have issues to deal with in your marriage. The good news is that you can overcome every problem that comes up in your marriage.

If you are struggling with issues in your marriage, please continue to fight through them. Your marriage will be fine if you just hang in there and take some steps to fix the problems that are holding you back from having the marriage you desire.

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