Is Your Marriage Makeover A Phone Call Away?

If you have been wanting, a marriage makeover, you probably have been seeking help for your marriage for quite a while now. The longer the problems persist in your marriage the more resentful and bitter you and your spouse will become. Every marriage has its breaking point and the key to saving your marriage is turning things around before it is too late.

What does a marriage makeover look like?

The good news is that every marriage makeover is different and thus you have a great chance to restore your marriage. You don’t need to compare your marriage transformation to anyone else’s. Although it is ok to want to model your marriage after someone else’s, you can’t. You and your spouse are unique and have something special between you. What you need to fix your marriage situation might be totally different from what someone else needed.

Now, there are some very broad areas that each of us need to work on to improve our relationships. For example, many couples struggle in the area of communicating. Of course, what I hear very often is stuff like; “we never talk about important matters anymore” or “we just don’t seem to be on the same page” or “ I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall”.

If you and your spouse are struggling with communication I would bet that there is a simple reason why you aren’t speaking the same language. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to dissect and understand the problem that we make it harder than it needs to be to fix it. Fixing communication problems is simple, as long as both individuals care about their marriage.

Your communication will improve when the atmosphere in which you are operating in is safe. Let me explain what I mean.

When you were a child you probably felt more comfortable talking to one of your parents when you had a problem. For some of us, we were more comfortable sharing with a Grandparent than our parents. The reason why this was the case is because deep down inside we felt that we would be helped and not harmed by communicating our problems or needs with that person.

The same thing happens between spouses. If one or both spouses believe that communicating will lead to more stress or problems, the he or she may choose to shutdown and not communicate.

One of the keys to making over your marriage is rebuilding trust.

Can your spouse trust you with sensitive information or will you leak it out to a close relative or friend?

Will your spouse or you be beaten over the head with insults and negative comments if honest communication is expressed?

Is every concern turned into a stressful argument by you or your spouse?

A marriage made over usually begins with a change of the atmosphere in the relationship.

Why not start today by changing the tone and atmosphere in and around your marriage. Let your next phone call or conversation be seasoned with grace and unconditional love. Your marriage makeover can start today, if you make it your priority. Don’t wait for spouse to get o board. You get the ball rolling on your marriage makeover.

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