Is Temptation To Cheat A Struggle For You?

Unless you have been on a deserted island over the last 10 years you know that infidelity is running wild in our society. What’s the number one or lead story on almost every talk show or news report? It’s an update on the former head of the CIA and his adulterous affair. Is temptation to cheat something you struggle with?

I don’t like to judge people but I find it saddening and disturbing how many people are willing to throw away their careers and family for a brief lust affair. It doesn’t matter what political party, race, age or social economic status folks are in, cheaters can be found everywhere.

Unfortunately all of us are tempted to travel down that dark and unscrupulous road of infidelity. It is part of the DNA of the society we live in today. We are faced with temptation on a daily basis and it’s not just the temptation to cheat on your spouse or partner.

For example, for folks battling addictions they are often presented with the opportunity to backslide and cheat a little bit. In the subconscious mind thoughts like “what’s one little bite or sip or puff going to do?” It doesn’t help when the very thing that they are trying to cut out of there life is easily accessible. So the temptation to cheat is present on a daily basis. The ones who can resist giving in are generally victorious in defeating their addiction long term.

So when it comes to relationships, temptation comes in many shapes and forms. For example, many folks might be dealing with a work environment situation where flirting is the norm. People might make comments about how great you look or how lucky your spouse is or how spending one night with them would turn your world upside down.

Perhaps that’s the kind of temptation you are dealing with. If you are struggling with this type of temptation, there really is no other choice but to put and end to it. Keep in mind that the innocent flirting often times leads to an affair and a broken promise to your partner and family. A quick way to start to douse those hot flames is to no longer smile, laugh or joke about such matters. Secondly, begin to reference your partner or spouse when these types of comments are spouted out.

For example, saying that you will ask your significant other what he or she thinks about it will begin to send a signal that you value your relationship. If the person is trying to temp you into cheating and break up your relationship they will get the message that you are not giving in and will move on to the next victim.

There are many other ways temptation comes at you. If you are just walking the mall, or looking through magazines or on the internet you might be tempted. You don’t have to be looking for temptation, it will find you.

Please consider the serious consequences of giving into the temptation to cheat and don’t do it. It’s not worth it. I don’t have any scientific data to back up my theory but I can say confidently that most folks who cheated and ruined their relationship, family and reputation don’t think it was worth it.

The key to resisting temptation is to reduce the likelihood that you will cheat. First, distance yourself to the extent possible from situations that cause you to struggle. Don’t go hang out with someone you are feeling emotionally attached to even if your partner is around. Your feelings will grow stronger and your ability to resist will grow weaker.

The other important thing you need to do when it comes to your relationship is spend time and energy making it stronger. If you like and love the person you are with you will value him or her to the point that temptation might be a fleeting thought but not something that you can’t resist.

Whatever your temptation is you don’t have to give in. You have what it takes to overcome your temptations. I hope you know and believe that you can be victorious.

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