Infidelity In Marriage – Help Dealing With A Cheating Spouse

Infidelity in marriage is guaranteed to cause your marriage to end in divorce if you don’t deal with anger and pain, sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, many hurting spouses just don’t know what to do. If you are struggling dealing with a cheating spouse, you are not alone. Marriage infidelity is sadly a major issue for many couples.

As I mentioned, dealing with an unfaithful spouse is very common. However, your experience doesn’t have to be common. You don’t have to remain broken hearted and harbor hateful feelings toward your spouse because of the affair. I know you don’t think so now, but you can restore your marriage and your future.

Perhaps you are finding it hard to understand why your spouse cheated on you. Maybe you are blaming yourself for not giving 100% to the relationship. I’m sure you are dealing with a lot of unanswered questions such as;

  • Can I ever trust my spouse again?
  • Does my spouse still love me and do I love my spouse?
  • Is there really a way that I can forgive my spouse for cheating on me?
  • Will I ever have an affair to get even?

There are so many questions when adultery occurs. You might even be struggling with who else knows or who you should tell.

My advice is that you don’t put too much pressure or stress on yourself to get all of your questions answered at once. Recovering from infidelity obviously will take time. There often-times is a rush to get past the pain and resentment, that key steps in the healing process are missed. The result is that total healing is not achieved.

You deserve to have all of your questions answered. However, don’t get so bogged down trying to get every question answered that you miss opportunities to begin moving your marriage forward.

Why You Should Forgive Your Spouse For Marriage Infidelity?

Your marriage is important and I hope that you can work things out. However, it is vitally important that you learn how to properly forgive your spouse for having an affair. You will only be totally free and released from the affair once you forgive. If you continue to hold anger and resentment toward your spouse, you will forever be bound by the affair.

If you want to rebuild your marriage, forgiveness will need to be at the cornerstone of your restoration.

Will You Ever Trust Again?

It depends on your spouse and your willingness to truly forgive. If your spouse does the right things to earn trust again, you have a chance. However, trusting again requires some strength and faith on your part. Wounded spouses find a way to trust again every single day. There is no reason why you can’t trust again as well.

Next Steps

It’s important that you begin to move forward and not let the affair paralyze your life. Deal with the affair and begin to move forward (with or without your spouse). Obviously the marriage infidelity has created pain and suffering in your marriage and life and it will take time to recover and heal.

I hope you can take a few more minutes and read up on a couple who survived infidelity in marriage and now are happier than you could imagine. See here for more details; Affair Repair

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