Infidelity: Healing Your Marriage After An Affair

Despite the pain that you are experiencing now, please know that cheating in your marriage doesn’t have to bring an end to your marriage after an affair. Your marriage can be healed and rebuilt after infidelity.

Are you at that pivotal crossroad and doubting if healing your marriage after an affair will ever come to pass? Well, just because your spouse’s cheating has stolen your joy, peace and trust it doesn’t mean that you will never see them again.

My desire is that you and your spouse work things out and if you can’t at least you get to the point where your soul is healed and your future is not forever negatively impacted by the affair. Are you ready to start moving forward and leaving the pain and anger and ugliness after the affair behind?

You should be encouraged to know that you have both a challenge and a unique opportunity ahead of you. You and your spouse might be scared and uneasy about trying to work things out. The hardest part about recovering from an affair in your marriage is getting past the shame and pride that whispers in your ear and tells you that your marriage can’t survive after an affair.

Well, I know a few marriages that made it through the difficulties of infidelity. Why is your marriage any different? It isn’t so why not give your marriage a chance to be restored?

Understanding Why An Affair Happened

Was the affair a mistake? Will another affair happen if we work things out? Are you struggling with why, when and who questions day in and day out? There are many questions when it comes to dealing with an affair. Most of them, if properly answered will help you understand why it happened and more importantly how to prevent it from happening again.

There are many excuses spouses give for having an affair, such as;

  • Not happy any longer with the relationship
  • Feeling lonely and rejected
  • Falling out of love with spouse
  • Bored and seeking a change to regain passion for living
  • Unsatisfied with sex life at home

I call them all excuses but they really do help you understand why. However, from my experience it takes time to get to the underlying reason for the adultery. The truth is hard to confess because a cheating spouse wants to move forward without adding insult to injury. So what happens often-times is that it’s like peeling an apple. Eventually you get to the core reasons why your spouse broke the marital bond and cheated.

If you haven’t made much progress in moving your relationship forward after an affair in your marriage was discovered, don’t panic. What you don’t need to do is try to rush through this and end up never really healing. If you don’t walk this journey the right way, you risk losing not only your marriage but your opportunity to forgive and heal.

Remember, healing your marriage after an affair, is more than just forgiving and forgetting. It’s about rebuilding your lives, restoring trust and living victoriously. For more guidance, please read more here; Dealing With Infidelity

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