How To Stop Divorce

How Can I Stop DivorceIf your marriage problems have become so big that you now need to figure out how to stop the divorce, then I encourage you to hold on and not give up yet. Just because divorce has now become a possibility in your marriage it doesn’t ever have to become a reality. If your thoughts are consumed with how can I stop divorce?, this should help you answer the question.

If you have been searching for information on how to stop divorce, I’m sure you have read some confusing and conflicting information. The reason why that’s the case is because figuring out how to stop a divorce is dependant on a lot of variables. Some folks are searching for legal ways to stop a divorce while others are just looking for help to restore a broken relationship and avoid a divorce.

I know how painful it is to see a relationship deteriorate and have a divorce pending. For many folks they never imagined that they too would one day be a part of the divorce statistics. The good news is that you still have time to figure out how to stop divorce from being apart of your life and legacy. Here are some simple tips to help you head off the divorce.

How To Stop Divorce Tip #1 – Be mature during this difficult period

When we were children we were taught if someone hits you, hit them back. Those thoughts stayed with us and have a tendency to resurface in our marriage at times. If you are hurting and your pride and self-esteem has taken a hit, you might be tempted to play games or manipulate your spouse out of spite. I can assure you that trying to get even or make your spouse suffer or pay for seeking a divorce is not going to help you learn how to stop a divorce but rather speed it up.

I do understand that often times spouses feel used and taken advantage of. The question you need to constantly ask yourself during this critical period of your relationship is, “will my words or actions help with stopping our divorce or push us closer to divorce”?

The key is to maintain control of your emotions and feelings and not let your fears and pain, cause you to say and do irrational things.

How To Stop Divorce Tip #2 – Be honest with your spouse

It’s difficult being honest with your spouse when he or she is seeking a divorce. You might find yourself acting as if you don’t care or perhaps even going out of your way to hasten the divorce. In the back of your mind you might think that your spouse is trying to scare you or manipulate you so you might even say things like “I’m relieved that we finally have made the right decision to go our separate ways”. Don’t lie to your spouse or to others regarding your feelings about divorcing. If you don’t want divorce to become a reality in your life, don’t feed into it.

How To Stop Divorce Tip #3 – Be kind and appreciate your spouse

I know this might be a stretch for you but look for positive things in your marriage that still exist and acknowledge them when you can. It’s ok to say thank you and I appreciate what you did to your spouse. Don’t treat the situation like you are living with an enemy. If you do, you will certainly make it harder to prevent divorce from happening. Take every opportunity that you can to be kind, thankful and show your appreciation, when it’s warranted.

These simple steps can easily set the stage and right atmosphere for figuring out how to stop divorce dead in its tracks. For more detailed and proven steps on how to stop divorce, please read more here, Saving Your Marriage.

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