How To Get Love Back Into Your Marriage

Trying to figure out how to get back into love and restore the peace and happiness in your marriage can be difficult when your are barely getting along. Life goes by so fast that it’s hard to believe that not too long ago your relationship was good. It may not have been great but you definitely didn’t feel as if you had fallen out of love. But the past is the past right and now its time to figure out how to get love back into your marriage.

Well, marriage has a lot of important ingredients and love happens to be a pretty important one. I know that many couples get to the point in their marriage where they feel as though they have lost the love for their spouse. They also don’t know how to get it back into their relationship.

So what’s the key to get love back into your marriage? See below and you might be surprised how simple it can be.

The Key to get love back into your marriage? Separate Feelings and Behaviors

Have you ever been mistreated by a family member or friend or perhaps co-worker? What happens when you have been betrayed or taken advantage of? Well, you certainly start to distance yourself from this person. You also no longer trust them and in some cases you can become angry and seek revenge.

In the case of your marriage you may no longer want to be close to your spouse because you have been let down. You also might feel as though you have been taken advantage of and instead of loving your spouse you feel more like getting even for the role he or she has played in screwing up your marriage.

So to get love back into your marriage start doing loving things for your spouse regardless of how you feel. You see, when you first met your spouse you would probably do anything for them without blinking an eye because you wanted to prove just how much you cared.

You thought you loved your spouse but it was really lust and not love. So now if you want to restore the love in your marriage do it all over again.

* When you don’t feel like speaking kindly to your spouse, do it anyway.
* When being intimate is not that appealing to you do your best to be as sexy and romantic as you can be.
* When listening to your spouse is like hearing finger nails dragged across a chalk board do it with patience and utmost attention.
* When you don’t feel like being married any longer, do it anyway.

You see, the most important step to get love back into your marriage is to act lovingly. It’s almost impossible to restore love without first changing behaviors. This will help you get love back into your marriage end keep you together.

I hope you give this a try to help you improve your marriage. Don’t let your negative feelings keep you from getting love back into your marriage. Lead by your actions and your feelings will come around.

I encourage you to control your marriage problems and not let them rule over you. You have the power to make your marriage great.

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