How To Fix Your Marriage

Marriage failure or breakdown is all too common these days with many couples giving up on learning how to fix their marriage. The unfortunate thing about marriage problems is that because of built up resentment and frustration it’s difficult to learn how to fix your marriage.

One of the most important steps to take in fixing your marriage is being determined to change yourself and let your spouse change his or herself.

What happens in many relationships is that one of the spouses gets caught up trying to change their spouse instead of working on improving them self.

If you aren’t careful you can easily make the mistake of spending all of your time and energy trying to fix your marriage by changing your spouse. Just think about all of the pointless arguments you have or use to have as you tried to get your spouse to change. If only you could turn back the clock and use your time more wisely. How different would your marriage be?

Would you need to figure out how to fix your marriage if you had a chance to start over? Well, I know it’s not possible to turn back the hand of time. However, it is possible to restore and repair your broken marriage. It’s sort of like starting over.

Tips To Fix Your Marriage

  1. Stop fighting with your spouse immediately. You have the opportunity to make the decision to fight with your spouse or be the mature and reasonable one. I’m not suggesting that you let your spouse get his or her way all the time but you don’t have to participate in meaningless and hurtful fighting. A simple rule to follow is that if isn’t about a matter critical to your marriage relationship, let it go. The only fighting you need to be involved in is fighting to save your marriage.
  2. Don’t betray your spouse. It is very easy to want to get even or make your spouse suffer when you are hurting and angry. This can lead to you doing something that you later regret or worse something that you can’t undo. Make sure that you treat your spouse respectfully and don’t do or say things behind your spouses back that you will later regret. This can destroy your marriage faster than you think.
  3. Go out of your way to celebrate the good in your marriage. If you have anything good in your relationship then why not take the time to acknowledge it and build on that. There is usually something that you can find to celebrate with your spouse. The fact that you are still married should be appreciated. Why not simply let your spouse know that you are grateful that despite your struggles, you are glad that you are still together. You can open the door to reconciliation by simply letting down your guard and being open, honest and thankful.

I’m convinced that fixing your marriage is not just about working on your marriage differences but working on the right things, in the right order. Again, what a shame when couples are interested in saving their marriage but because they waste time and energy addressing the wrong issues they lose hope and give up.

Please don’t let pride, selfishness or resentment get in the way of saving your marriage. You didn’t get married to the love of your life temporarily. You intended to marry until death do you part. I don’t suggest you kill your spouse so why not improve your marriage and restore the love, trust and happiness?

You can learn how to fix your marriage. Please use the resources on the help in marriage site to help you with fixing your marriage.


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