Help With Marriage Restoration

Has your marriage grown cold and uncaring and thus you need help with restoration of a broken marriage? Perhaps you or your spouse has already given up on your marriage and the only thing keeping you together is either the kids or financial dependencies. Marriage restoration is possible if that is what you desire.

Marriages were not designed to hang together by a thread. Your marriage should not be a daily struggle to the point where your happiness increases when you are apart from your spouse. Remember when being apart from your spouse made you a little sad and anxious? What happened to the butterflies and heart fluttering when your hands touched or you kissed? Aren’t you two the same folks who vowed to love each other until death do you part?

Is it possible to restore a marriage that is on the brink of divorce? I believe so and I hope that you do as well. Why shouldn’t your marriage be restored? There are couples who have gone through some very difficult relationship issues and have found a way to restore their marriage. Does it take work and commitment to renew a broken marriage? Absolutely! However, once you get your marriage back on track the restoration process just becomes a natural by-product of a renewed relationship.

Tips For Restoration Of A Marriage

Take One Day At A Time

One of the keys to restoring a marriage is taking positive steps to make your marriage better. In my humble opinion your marriage or relationship is either getting better or getting worse. I would suggest that you think about your marriage restoration in terms of days, and not weeks, months or years. Then you will begin to see some success or improvement in your relationship and be motivated to keep restoring your marriage.

Think about what you will do tomorrow to improve your relationship. Will you show appreciation for something that your spouse has done? Perhaps you will refrain from making any sarcastic remarks to your spouse? Maybe you will ask your spouse for a hug? Might picking up your spouses’ favorite snack be in the plans for tomorrow? I’m certain that you can do something or perhaps say something that will make a difference and help restore your marriage one day at a time.

Be Pro-active In Marriage Restoration

Just as your relationship didn’t blossom on its own, neither will the restoring of your marriage. You can do some things to increase your changes of rebuilding your marriage. Another key step in keeping your relationship strong is liking being with each other. I know it sounds odd but sometimes spouses really feel happier when their spouse is out of the house or at least in another room. The longer you allow a wall or distancing come between you the more work you have ahead of you to repair your marriage. I recommend that you start doing some things to rebuild the friendship you once had.

Why not try planning some activities where the two of you can have some fun together? Laughter is a great medicine to help move a marriage from the “I can’t stand my spouse any more” stage to “I would marry my spouse over again if given the opportunity”. It is hard to restore a marriage if you can’t stand being in the same room or house together. Work on being friends again and rebuilding your marriage will be easier.

What If Your Spouse Wants No Part Of Marriage Restoration?

It is very possible that your spouse will express no interest in rebuilding your marriage. In fact, you might find that the harder you try to repair your relationship, the more resistance you get. Don’t let your partner’s unwillingness to work with you discourage you. There is a time and place for everything. Make sure that you are trying to change the things that you can control and not change your spouse. Please don’t do things with expectations that your spouse will immediately respond in kind. Your spouse might suspect that you are trying to manipulate the relationship or plotting something. Just keep doing the positive things to improve your marriage and eventually your spouse will realize that you are seriously trying to restore your marriage.

Is marriage restoration possible in your situation? I believe so and I hope you do as well. You can find more helpful articles about marriage restoration here at, help in marriage or if you need help in restoring love in your marriage, please read this, restoring love.

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