Help To Save My Marriage

Do you often think about how can I save my marriage when we have so many problems? You probably have more questions than answers and the stress and uncertainty is probably keeping you from improving and saving your marriage. Don’t let fear and unanswered questions keep you from having the marriage you signed up for.

I have come across many marriage issues in the past and yet I’m still amazed at the different issues that can pull a happy couple apart.

Are there any couples in your inner circle that you admire and wonder how they keep it all together?

How can some couples keep romance and affection in the center or their marriage while your marriage seems to be dying out?

Did you pick the wrong person to marry or has life changed the person you fell in love with?

These are all legitimate questions that hopefully we can shed some light on over the next few minutes. If I can give you an idea, thought or something different to try that helped me save my marriage I will be delighted.

Save My Marriage Tip #1

Do compare your marriage to other couples who are succeeding in their marriage. Very often you will hear that you shouldn’t compare your spouse to other spouses and with that advice I agree. You shouldn’t hope or wish that your wife or husband looked like or acted like someone else. You will most likely continue to be disappointed and frustrated. What you want to do is look at both the husband and wife of couples you admire and perhaps extract some of the attributes you like about their relationship.

For example, if you like the fact that they can share a tender moment in public and hold hands, embrace or kiss, there is nothing wrong with striving for more intimacy in your marriage. Why not initiate this behavior if that’s what you want? Have you ever told your spouse that you would enjoy a little public or outward display of the love between you? All it might take is a request from you to get the affection that you want.

Save My Marriage Tip #2

Let your actions speak louder than your words. It doesn’t help if I think or say I want to save my marriage but do nothing to show that I’m serious. You and I have the power to make choices everyday to save our marriage from heading into separation and divorce land. It’s very easy to save your marriage if you make decisions based on the positive or negative affect it will have on your marriage. For example;

If I work late 3 nights this week and skip dinner or face time with my spouse, will this improve or hurt my marriage and relationship?

Do I forgive my spouse for saying some insensitive things after having a bad day at work or home or do I give him or her, the silent treatment until I receive an apology?

Should I treat my spouse how I’m being treated or how I want to be treated?

There are choices we have to make as spouses on a daily basis that determines ultimately if our marriage improves or gets worse. Generally there is no staying the same. Your marriage will either get better or worse over time.

Save My Marriage Tip #3

Find a way to improve your marriage in some way at least once a week and keep track of what you have done to save your marriage. At least once a week, take some quite time and jot down what positive things you have done over the last 7 days to save your marriage. If you can’t come up with a couple of positive things you have done or said then you probably aren’t doing enough to save the marriage.

I hope these tips to save your marriage get your mind and heart moving in the right direction.

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