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Isn’t it true that you never believed that marriage and intimacy would be a concern for you? I mean the love, trust, admiration and respect you had in your relationship made you think that your marriage could overcome any obstacles. Unfortunately for many couples without the right help in marriage those dreams of a happily ever after marriage becomes a nightmare and intimacy is a lost.

Help In Marriage And Intimacy – Recognizing Trouble Signs

There are some obvious signs that intimacy in your marriage is suffering. The consequences of not dealing with a lack of intimacy can be devastating to your marriage and relationships. Listed below are some of the clues that you need to work on restoring intimacy in your marriage.

Less touching – generally when intimacy is becoming an issue there is less physical contact. At first it just seems like you are in a rut but if you pay close attention you might notice that you hardly ever touch unless you are being intimate in the bedroom. Hugging, kissing, rubbing each others back or holding hands is non-existent.

Less wanting to be around each other – If you are experiencing marriage and intimacy problems you will notice that you just don’t enjoy each others company like you used to. You will find reasons to be somewhere that your spouse is not. You might not do it on purpose but subconsciously you avoid being around the one you love the most. When intimacy isn’t an issue you find reasons to be with the one you love.

Enjoyable talking is rare – Do you find that your conversations are always painful and very rarely enjoyable? If you mostly feel worse after having a conversation with your spouse then you probably need help in marriage with intimacy. You need to feel good when talking to your spouse. Otherwise you will avoid communication and intimacy and your marriage will continue to be an issue.

There are some other signs to look out for such as no longer making eye contact when conversing, being easily distracted and seemingly no longer being connected to things that were once treasured (i.e., gifts that once highlighted your special relationship are tucked in a sock draw and no longer are worn or displayed).

Here is a short video to further expand on intimacy and marriage;

Help In Marriage And Intimacy – How To Regain Intimacy In Your Marriage

One of the first steps to regaining intimacy in your marriage is what you are doing now and that is acknowledging that you have intimacy challenges and doing something about it.

It is important to recognize that all couples go through various stages of being close and then seeming to drift apart. For some couples it is a slight drift and for others it’s a bigger issue. One of the keys to regaining intimacy is to not let what has taken place in the past keep you from having an intimate relationship going forward.

By this I mean, very often spouses are hurt when intimacy and marriage problems exist in the relationship. In many cases, one or both spouses are treated disrespectfully and in some cases cruelly. Although we love our spouses sometimes we can say and do some mean things to the love of our life.

If you want to restore the love and intimacy, both of you will need to truly forgive what has taken place and look to the future and not the past. Now is the time to let go of the anger, resentment, feelings of disgust etc. It’s almost impossible to have intimacy in your marriage again if you can’t stand the person you are trying to get close to again.

I have found it helpful if couples practice these two simple things;

  1. Don’t point fingers and blame each other for how you got to this point in your marriage.
  2. Stop talking about what you don’t do or have and start doing what you know is right to return intimacy in your marriage. Start talking and touching and focusing on each other and let your instincts take over.

Finding help in marriage to restore intimacy is one of the best steps you can take to restore and renew your marriage. I’m glad that you have decided to work to save your marriage.

Please continue to push and fight for your marriage. If you can use some other tips and advice on improving your marriage and intimacy, please see here; Help In Marriage With Intimacy

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