Healing Marriage After Infidelity

Healing your marriage after infidelity has been uncovered is possible. I know it’s hard to believe it when you are going through it, but millions of couples have done so. Dealing with infidelity after your heart has been broken does take a great deal of strength and willingness to work through many emotional issues.

Can healing in your marriage come quickly after infidelity? The answer to this question depends on your ability to deal with your various emotions and how well your cheating spouse responds to your needs. For some couples, healing marriage after infidelity happens within a couple of months and for others it takes a couples of years.

It’s important not to compare your healing to others who have been through the process. Each marriage and couple is different. It will take as long as it takes and what is most important is your physical and emotional well-being when you recover after infidelity.

There are some things you can do for healing your marriage after infidelity that will help you put some structure around the process.

Healing Marriage After Infidelity

  1. Set expectations from the cheated on and cheater’s perspective. Although only one spouse is guilty of cheating, it’s important that both individuals be clear about intentions and needs. The one thing that you don’t want while healing marriage after infidelity is assumptions that lead to setbacks in areas of trust.
  2. If you were cheated on, take some time to get clear in your mind and heart what you want to do. There should be no rush to make a life changing decision such as divorce or even separation. For healing to begin, it’s best to take the right time to evaluate your marriage and relationship after infidelity.
  3. Put together a plan to help you get through this difficult time. Infidelity as you are aware places a lot of stress and strain on your life. At times you may lose focus on what’s needed to move forward and this can slow down or set you back in your healing. Make a to-do list and it will help you stay on track.
  4. Don’t be consumed by the infidelity. Obviously, getting healing in your marriage after infidelity is of utmost importance. However, you can’t dwell on the infidelity day and night. Some have found it very helpful to schedule specific times of the day to discuss, plan and tend to matters about the affair.
  5. Keep an open and honest dialogue. Again, healing marriage after infidelity requires candid conversations. At times it can be painful, but in the end, your marriage healing will have a greater chance of becoming a reality if you get through it the right way.

As I mentioned, healing marriage after infidelity doesn’t have to be a wish or dream, but can and should be your reality.

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