Why Healing After Cheating Is So Incredibly Difficult

Healing after cheating is very difficult. If you have been cheated on you know it’s almost equivalent to death. Clearly you feel as though your relationship has just died. People tell you everything will be alright or that things happen for a reason. Its dumb sayings like those that make you realize that healing after cheating will be a lonely journey you embark on. It’s not that there isn’t any help available to help you get through it. However, there comes a point in time when you need guidance and perspective from someone who has seen infidelity up close and personal.

I would like to share with you 3 reasons why healing after cheating is so hard.

  1. Your mind, body and spirit have been crushed.
  2. It’s difficult to believe that it won’t happen again.
  3. Information overload results in paralysis.

Dealing with an affair means that you have been emotionally and mentally attacked and it’s generally a brutal attack. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t a physical attack. You end up feeling physically weakened as you usually get less sleep and end up not eating right.

When you are not eating and sleeping well and also dealing with negative thoughts and emotions it’s hard to begin healing. Adultery causes most folks to dwell in the now and the past so it’s hard to look forward to the future. Too many individuals try to heal all three things at once and end up falling short of true healing or in some relationships healing takes a lot longer to come about.

I believe you will have a better chance of healing after an affair, if you take it one step at a time. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself to fix everything at once. The first step is making sure you are getting the proper nutrition and rest. It’s hard to think clearly when you are physically drained.

Another reason why healing from an affair is difficult is because your heart will have trouble trusting again. Every step your partner takes will be over analyzed. It will take a while for you to believe that the affair has really ended and that another one will not happen.

One of the keys to surviving an affair is for you to understanding how to deal with emotional setbacks and things you can do to move forward. There is no simple fix you can implement for dealing with infidelity. It’s like being on an island by your self or being in a never ending nightmare. You will have up and down days and nights. How you work through them will determine how well you recover from the affair.

The final reason why dealing with infidelity is so hard is because there is so much information and in some cases misinformation available. There are friends and family members ready, willing and able to offer you advice. There are also a lot of blogs and bloggers with opinions on the matter. How do you decide what’s right for you and your relationship?

My advice is that you limit who and where you get your advice from. Not everyone has your best interest at heart.

Please keep your heart and soul strong and fighting to get through this difficult time in your life and relationship. I’m confident that with the right steps you will come through this stronger and wiser.

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