Dealing With An Angry Spouse

If you have been married for more than a couple of months you know that dealing with an angry spouse is a part of being married. Spouses express their anger in different ways so it’s not always apparent that you are dealing with anger. The unfortunate result in many marriages is that couples aren’t equipped to handle anger and thus an angry spouse can cause division and separation if the couple doesn’t learn how to deal with the anger.

What happens in most marriages is that instead of learning how to process those angry feelings in a productive manner, the marriage becomes a battle field. Each spouse takes their position on different matters and it’s a fight until the finish. Once the couple becomes accustomed to fighting it pretty much becomes the norm and dealing with an angry spouse seems normal.

Dealing with an Angry Spouse: Dealing with an angry spouse can be overwhelming and draining. What happens often times is that couples blow things out of proportion because they are still angry over something that has yet to be resolved. What you end up with is constant bickering and arguing over petty matters.

Strategies For Dealing With an Angry Spouse

The good news is that spouses can learn how to deal with anger in a responsible manner and it’s actually a requirement if the marriage is going to make it. It’s not necessarily an easy thing to do but it is possible.

First step in dealing with an angry spouse; acknowledge the anger in your marriage. It’s normal for people to get angry from time to time. Sometimes the anger is a result of some wrong action or behavior by the other spouse and in some cases it’s based on a misunderstanding or communication breakdown. Come to an understanding that being angry is normal and acceptable as long as it’s handled the right way.

Second strategy in dealing with an angry spouse; agree to be open about your anger to each other. It is very common for a spouse to get angry and not disclose what the anger is stemming from. In this instance, it’s up to the other spouse to guess or try to figure out what’s wrong. It’s a waste of time playing mind games when you are dealing with anger. Agree to be forthcoming when you are angry and disclose why.

Third strategy in dealing with an angry spouse; agree that verbal or physical explosions are unacceptable, in your dealing with issues in your marriage. It’s natural at times to be load and expressive in making your points to define and defend your position. It’s extremely important that you don’t let your emotions get out of control to the point where you are abusive to each other.

One of the most important steps in dealing with an angry spouse is learning how to listen effectively. Learning how to communicate respectfully and effectively will go along way in helping to deal with anger in your marriage.

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