Building Trust In A Relationship

building trust in a relationshipBuilding trust in a relationship is an integral part of a happy and healthy marriage. It is the backbone of intimacy and the path to commitment. Having trust in your marriage means that you and your spouse are confident that you are being treated fairly, responsibly and honestly.

It takes years to build trust in a relationship and it comes by getting closer to each other and gaining insight and perspective into each other. Very often trust in a relationship is built as each spouse opens up and allows themselves to be vulnerable. For many couples trust just comes as a natural benefit of experiencing life together.

Building trust in your marriage has many benefits. One of the main benefits being real love because when you trust your partner, you begin to experience a sense of comfort and intimacy that is cultivated, once trust is experienced.

Having trust between you and your spouse allows you to navigate through the difficult periods of marriage and concur the issues related to finances, raising children and the other marriage obstacles.

Although creating trust in a relationship is vital it is very easy to break and very difficult to rebuild when it is broken. All it takes is one moment or action to damage trust for months or years to come.

For some couples unfortunately past behaviors have negatively impacted the trust in their relationship and perhaps you are at the point of building trust in a relationship again. Although you or perhaps your spouse has been hurt in the past, it is possible to rebuild trust again. If you want your relationship or marriage to continue, it is probably critical that you take the necessary steps to regain trust and respect in your marriage.

Two important keys to enjoying a healthy and happy marriage are learning: to trust your spouse, and to be trustworthy yourself.

Tips For Building Trust In A Relationship

First, make sure your words and actions match

Marriage and love require honest and credibility to be successful. In other words to be trusted, you must be the kind of person who does what they say they will do. In marriage, it means coming home from work when you say you will. It means, following through with your plans to do something or be somewhere. If you are unsure that you can back up your promise with action, don’t promise it.

Second, don’t keep secrets from your spouse

Sometimes innocent actions are conveniently left out of conversations between husbands and wives. Often times it seems harmless to leave out details on what you did during the day to unwind such as leave work early to play a round of Golf or visit the spa. However, the more you practice keeping secrets from each other the more you begin to build small barriers between you. The problem is once these little secrets are unveiled they begin to erode the trust between you. You soon begin to question or doubt your spouse.

Building trust in a relationship is a complex process and it doesn’t happen overnight. Often times there are things that come up from time to time that damage your trust and make your married life more difficult and frustrating.

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Building Trust In A Relationship

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  2. survive spouse's affair says:

    If you are facing an affair don’t just think that things will workout on its own. One should face these and handle them. Also I think that it’s really important to understand if the partner is absolutely sorry and feeling bad about their extramarital relationship or not. Always keep the communication going very good.
    Have a wonderful day.

    Have a wonderful day.

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