Building Communication Skills In Marriage

Are bad communication skills in marriage keeping you from having a happy and healthy marriage? When communicating with your spouse there are a lot of emotions and personal issues that sometimes make it more difficult to communicate effectively.

Many people are great communicators when it comes to family, co-workers or friends. However, when it comes to marriage communication skills there seems to be a mental block of some sort. Hopefully, these simple principles will help you improve your communication skills.

Helpful tips for improving communication skills in marriage:

Minimize negative feelings before you speak. This is similar to the idea of calming down before you send a nasty test message or facebook posting. It is a good idea to wait a little while after a conflict to reflect on your feelings before you make statements that you might regret. However, keep in mind that silence or ignoring your spouse might make your spouse angrier and the situation worse. So instead of shutting down and sending the wrong message explain to your spouse that you need to take a little time to reflect on the issue before you try to resolve it.

Let go of feelings of superiority and I’m always right attitude. Many people enter discussions needing to prove that they are right or perhaps show that they have more knowledge. Talking to your spouse like you are participating in a debating match will not demonstrate that you care.  Is it better to win the argument or point but lose your spouse in the process?  No, that’s not practicing good communication skills in marriage.

Look for the good in your partner. If you constantly, focus on the negative aspects of your relationship or partner, your marriage will be frustrating and you both will be miserable. Your partner has some faults as we all do but he or she also has some good qualities. Make sure you communicate to your spouse your appreciation for those good attributes.

Eliminate mind-reading communication techniques. Very often couples struggle with communication because of something called “you should have”. It goes something like “you should have known that I really wanted to go to my parent’s house for Christmas this year” or “I shouldn’t have to tell you what I’m upset about, if you cared about me you would know”. This is one of the areas many couples struggle with. Instead of getting angry and annoyed at your spouse for not reading your mind, why not just say what it is you want? Trust me, it doesn’t mean you love each other any less.

Building communication skills in marriage can lead to a healthy, happy and stress free marriage. If you don’t make a conscious effort to improve your communicating you can easily have a relationship that deteriorates over time. Communication is one of the vital keys to open or close the doors to marital bliss.

If you don’t think your communication skills in marriage are working, please learn how to better communicate and have a better marriage. You won’t regret the little effort it takes to improve your communication because the rewards for your marriage will be plentiful.

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