Are These Poor Decisions Killing Your Marriage?

If I had to use one word to explain why some marriages end quickly while others remain together until death, it would be decisions. Marriages that last 25, 50 and 75 years don’t happen by accident. In all likelihood the individuals made good decisions for the benefit of their spouse and marriage.

Needless to say, it’s equally important to avoid making poor decisions which can kill your marriage. Listed below are some of the decisions which can hut your marriage. They are not listed in any particular order.

  1. Spending more time with friends than you spend with your spouse.
  2. Arguing consistently about unimportant matters.
  3. Making decisions without getting spousal input.
  4. Withdrawing and not talking to your spouse because you are annoyed or unhappy with him or her.
  5. Gossiping to others about your marital problems and pointing out your spouses’ shortcomings.
  6. Getting too close to someone of the opposite sex and slowly but surely getting emotionally attached.

When things are not going well with a marriage it’s easy to overlook the little things that are contributing to destroying the marriage. It is not always the big things that ruin or sabotage a marriage. Sometimes it’s all of the little things that end up overwhelming couples.

Now, if you look at the list above, you can see why I say marriages are made or broken by decisions. If you are guilty of any of the above behaviors you have to decide to change your behaviors if you want to change your marriage.

If you are spending too much time away from your spouse then you need to decide what’s more important in your life. If your marriage is more important then let your decisions reflect that.

Some folks get caught up wasting time and energy arguing over nothing. This is one of those areas that can immediately improve your marriage. Make an effort to not lose it over senseless matters.

I’m sure you get my point. We all have the power to make better decisions to improve our marriage. The question is though will we?

Please know that the marriage you have now that is frustrating and disappointing doesn’t have to stay that way. Don’t buy into the belief that it’s just the way marriage is or a leopard can’t change his spots. You have the power to get the marriage you so need and desire. If you need more guidance on keeping your marriage together, please visit here now; Saving Your Marriage Today

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