A Cheating Spouse – How To Tell If Spouse Is Cheating

Nothing boils your blood more than a cheating spouse. You become consumed with trying to figure out how to tell if spouse is cheating on you. It becomes difficult to eat, sleep or work because your mind is occupied with questions about your spouse’s loyalty. I hope this helps put possible cheating by your spouse into perspective.

The sad news is that cheating is common place in today’s world. All you need do is turn on the news or get online and you will soon see a story about cheating. It doesn’t matter what age, race, religion or economic status, cheating by spouses is out of control. So how do you tell if your spouse is cheating?

Well, despite how careful a cheating spouse is, there are usually a handful of clues that will tip you off about a cheating spouse.

Before I share some of the many ways you can tell if your spouse is cheating I’d like to mention that research has shown that 85% of the women who believe they have a cheating spouse do. So, if you have a hunch that your spouse is cheating you probably are right. However, don’t just rely on your gut feelings.

As I mentioned, there are many signs that you can look at to figure out how to tell if your spouse is cheating. Listed below are some (not a comprehensive list) of the signs you can look at to see if your spouse is having an affair.

  • Change in appearance (clothes, hair, cologne or perfume)
  • How he or she interacts with you
  • Change in conversational tone
  • Work schedule changes (non employer changes)
  • Finances
  • Unexplainable travel
  • Unexplained disappearances
  • Phone calls that can’t be answered in your presence
  • Excess car mileage
  • Under performing in the bedroom or not performing at all
  • Home Invasion
  • Computer postings (facebook, twitter, etc.)
  • Freudian slips

Let’s look at a couple of the signs you need to be wary of regarding a cheating spouse. Remember, just because your spouse exhibits one of the above cheating signs it doesn’t mean they are guilty. What you need to do is gather some evidence so that when it’s time to confront him or her about cheating, you have specifics to back up your accusation.

  • Change In Appearance – If your spouse is motivated and energized to dress better and look great it could be a sign that someone else has entered the picture.  If it’s not for you, you should get a sense pretty quickly. Try complimenting your spouse on the appearance upgrade and see what the response is.
  • Interacting with spouse.  Guilt has a way of changing how a cheating spouse interacts. If you notice that he or she no longer has an interest in being around you then it’s something to pay attention to.  Again, not a sure thing that an affair is underway bit this is an indicator to pay attention to.
  • Change in conversational tone – Often times, a spouse engaged in an affair will either become quiet or sometimes confrontation. Some folks know that if they talk too much they might slip up and blow their secret.  Other folks who are having an affair tend to start arguments so they feel better about the cheating. It also gives him or her, an excuse to leave the house.
  • Work schedule changes – A cheating spouse will find ways to work late or on weekends. If your spouse is exempt there will be no overtime pay so you can’t check the paystub. If you probe a little about what your spouse is working on you might find that they have a hard time talking about it.

I know that if you suspect that your spouse is cheating, you probably are having a hard time dealing with it. If you are worried about your spouse cheating I’m sure that you have had some ups and downs in your marriage. If you need some additional information on building a better marriage visit here; Marriage Advice For Couples

Now, if you do suspect or are on the brink of confirming an affair by a cheating spouse, please read here to see how you can navigate through the heart breaking issue; Dealing With A Cheating Spouse

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