3 Keys To A Successful Marriage

The road to a successful marriage doesn’t have to be painful, long and frustrating. There is no truth to the myth that to have a successful marriage you have to go through battles, wars and fire. That’s wrong thinking and an unhealthy approach to marriage.

It’s puzzling at times how many couples fail to make some changes in their marriage and relationship to help their marriage succeed. I think too many couples surrender and give up too early on their journey to marital bliss.

Yes, I’m willing to admit that marriage isn’t a stroll in the park. However, it’s also not a trip through the desert. Marriage as it’s intended to be is just fine. Two people who love each other coming together to build a life and future as one. Then we start to mess things up by losing focus, interest and letting our selfishness get in the way of having a successful marriage.

If your marriage is heading in the wrong direction it’s time to turn things around before it’s too late. You have the power to make the change. You just need the tools and determination and before you know it you can have a rewarding marriage again.

3 Keys To A Successful Marriage

Kindness – Have you noticed that the longer you are around someone the shorter your patience and tolerance seems to be? The stuff that used to be cute and acceptable is now annoying and frustrating. What can easily happen in a marriage is that kindness fades away and is replaced by sarcasm, skepticism, bitterness and harshness. For some unknown reason, the person who we never ever thought we would say an unkind word to becomes the target of our bent up frustrations. If you want a successful marriage it’s important to be kind, through thick and thin. Practice kindness even when;

  • Your spouse treats you unkind (not talking about abuse of any kind)
  • Takes you for granted
  • Seems disinterested with your marriage

Keep in mind that being kind has little to do with resolving conflicts or issues in your marriage. The key is to make sure that you are respectful with your words and actions at all times and don’t let your frustration and stress cause you to treat your spouse un-lovingly.

Look At The Positives – If you look at any successful marriage I will bet that you will find two positive individuals who are able to appreciate the good things that they have in marriage and not stay fixated on what’s wrong. If you always focus on the problems you are experiencing in your marriage and never see the good it’s almost impossible to feel committed and motivated to continue to work on improving your marriage.

I’m not suggesting that you ignore the issues that are keeping you from growing closer together. However, don’t let negativity rule in your marriage and home.

Learn How To Communicate Better – Communication is the key to a successful marriage. Very often it’s the words that are said, or not said that cause marital rift in the marriage. If you can’t quite understand what each other wants or needs you will have a hard time succeeding in marriage. At some point, you have to move beyond playing mind games and throwing out clues and hints of what you want or need. Practice being honest and transparent and being good listeners.

Constructive criticism should be offered only when it’s beneficial to your marriage and relationship. Otherwise, learn to keep your thoughts to yourself. Remember, your words have the power to build your spouse up or rip him or her apart.

Finding the keys to a successful marriage is not that complicated. The problem is that often times although we know what’s good for our marriage, we fail to make the subtle changes to build a better marriage. Instead we do nothing and let bitterness, frustration and selfishness put us on the road to divorce court.

The good news is that you can have a successful marriage if that’s your heart’s desire. To learn what changes to make now, to get the healthy and successful marriage you want, please take a moment and read more tips here, Save My Marriage Today and begin your days of living happily ever after.

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